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Ergo Design understands that in pursuing our business activities and objectives we have a responsibility to protect and nurture the environment; a responsibility we take seriously. In order to reduce the company’s environmental footprint, we continually work with our supply chain to reduce pollution, waste and the use of non-renewable resources in the whole life production of our products.

Below are some of the areas Ergo Design work on to achieve their environmental aims and each year we set ourselves further environmental objectives in order to continuously improve our performance in this area.


Education and Training

Environmental awareness training is given to all staff on induction and constant promotion take place within the factory.



Ergo Design is compliant with current recycling legislation, local regulations and standards of recycling for all production and waste materials.

Ergo Design also works with suppliers on a “take-back” scheme for the return of excess, redundant and offcuts of production material, which are then either recycled or re-used.

All print toners and cartridges are recycled through a charitable agency.

99% of all cardboard from suppliers is recycled for further processing or re-used within the factory as packaging.


Ethical Trading

Ergo Design adheres to the policies of the Ethical Trading Initiative and only source materials from companies who, at a minimum, meet their base code.



Reduction in the consumption of transport fuel is achieved by the use of a critical delivery schedule and distribution network. We monitor the use of both our vehicle fleet as well as external transport providers to eliminate unnecessary miles and ensure efficient vehicle utilisation. All of our products are manufactured with materials which are sourced from the EU, thus reducing their carbon footprint. 


Waste Reduction

Ergo Design promote eco-conscious and chlorine free environmentally friendly materials, for example:

  • Despatch boxes are made of 75% recycled material and can be further recycled

  • Boxes are plain, containing no inks, solvents or heavy metal pigments

Products that are shipped by 3rd party couriers are either flat packed, boxed partially assembled or palletised; maximising space and reducing waste.

The introduction of critical ordering processes ensures minimum wastage of manufacturing materials.

has seen an 85% reduction in waste and landfill streams.implementation of this full waste management and recycling Ergo DesignSince programme


Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances are controlled in accordance with COSHH recommendations and regulations.

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